Electronic certificate of Origin

  • Simple Registration Process
    Apply online and upload supporting dumentation
  • Online Approval of eCOs
    Desingated Authorities ensure COMESA rules of Origin are followed
  • Online Verification
    Backed by industry standard PKI Infrastructure certificates

Verify Electronic Certificate of Origin


Simply register on this portal with your official email address and provide details of your company.


Upload your importation documentation to the portal and Digitaly sign the Application form


The Designated Authority for your Country will process your application and approve your documents.


You will receive a Digitally Signed Electronic Certificate of Origin that can be verified on website and that Customs authority in any COMESA Partner State can access.

Get your ECO today. Register now

The process could not be simpler. Just register and get your eCO ready for Export.

No paper work

You never have to print bulky files again

Digital Signature

PKI based Digital Signature to secure transactions.

Chamber of commerce

Perfect automation for all regional Chambers of Commerce.

Revenue Authority

Instant data access to all COMESA Revenue Authorities.

Online Confirmation

Simple provess to confirm eCOs issued in any COMESA Partner State.

Utilization Status

Find out if the Certificate of Origin has been utilized.


The solution takes advantage of available open source tools